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Looking for a ride up to Mt. Snow to ski or snowboard on Sundays in December?
The Brattleboro School Endowment is organizing a bus, driven by First Student personnel. The “Mt. Snow Express” will leave from Academy School’s parking lot at 9 AM on Sundays in December (December 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29).  It will make a return trip back to Academy School’s parking lot, leaving at 4.15 PM, arriving back at 5 PM.
The Mt. Snow Express will cost $5 roundtrip, or $2.50 each way, per person.
The Brattleboro School Endowment was formed three years ago to help the town’s three elementary schools “make a great education even better”, explains Jill Stahl Tyler, president of the endowment.  “The monies raised by the endowment can pay for the “extras” in our schools, like field trips, classroom guests and the winter sports programs,” she explains.
“Our long-term goal is to raise $300,000. That would allow us to leave the principle alone–but generate enough interest to pay for, for example, the three elementary school’s winter sports programs each year,” she says. “It could greatly decrease–or even eliminate–the need to fundraise all the time.”
The Endowment is organizing the Mt. Snow Express this year for two reasons, Stahl Tyler says. “We know that there is a large group of middle schoolers and high schoolers that participated in Mt. Snow’s “Choose sNOw” program.  This was a fantastic opportunity. The kids went to two meetings to hear an anti-drug message back last March and April, and then participated in one community service event. In exchange, Mt. Snow gave them each a pass to ski or snowboard for free all this season, with no black-out dates.  These kids are very excited about getting up to the mountain! We’ve heard that there used to be a bus to the mountain many years ago, and we thought that the Endowment could help fill a need this year in particular.”
The second reason is more direct, Stahl Tyler admits. “The Brattleboro School Endowment is not very well known yet,” she notes with a smile. “We want people to remember us and to think of the endowment–and Brattleboro’s kids.  The more donations that are made, the more interest we accrue, and the faster we can give out larger gifts.”
The bus is a trial run for December,Stahl Tyler says. “If it has a lot of people using it, we can extend it for more months–or even onto Saturdays.”

Stahl Tyler cautions that parents should know that this is simply a bus service–not a chaperoned program. The bus is open to all ages, she confirms, but children under middle school age must be accompanied. The bus will also leave on schedule, and will not be responsible for finding someone at the end of the day.
For more information, see the Brattleboro School Endowment’s website,