Endowment Gathers Funds Press

Endowment Gathers Funds

December 28, 2011

“I’m going to learn to snow board!”  

“I want to ice skate!”

The enthusiasm is apparent at the three Brattleboro elementary schools as the children sign up for their winter sports programs.  This special Vermont tradition lasts five weekday afternoons in January and early February, and provides all kids an opportunity to learn to ski, snowboard, ice skate and more.

Paying for the winter sports program, however, has challenged the parent volunteers over the years.  “The total amount needed to fund winter sports at all three schools is around $15,000,” notes Jill Stahl Tyler, a parent who has worked with the fund raising at Academy School.  “Pulling that together takes a lot of time, effort and coordination… and it has to be repeated every year.”  

With that in mind, Stahl Tyler and a friend, Ellen Capy, started a new endowment in 2010, as a non-profit, 501C3.  “We wanted to create a way to fund the winter sports program–and other enrichment opportunities,” explains Capy. “Having an endowment allows people to remember all the Brattleboro children in one gift.”  

The idea is catching on, the two friends note: “In the last two years, many others have joined us,” Stahl Tyler says.  “We recruited parent board members from Oak Grove–Tracey John–and Green Street–Jonathan Secrest.  We owe Jonathan a special thanks as he donated his legal services to help establish the charitable entity and put all the legal documents together.”

“Community support has been great,” continues Capy. “Pieciak and Company donate  tax preparation; Rapt Creative donated the design of the brochure; Howard Printing donated the printing of the brochure.”  

The Brattleboro School Endowment has also heard from several donors who find this a special opportunity.  “People have loved that it supports all the elementary children in the public schools. One donor commented that it seemed the best possible donation to her, as it would be used by so many.”  

The Endowment’s financial goal is $500,000.  This amount would allow the principle to remain untouched–while still strongly supporting winter sports, field trips, artists-in-residence or other enrichment opportunities at all three schools.

“We look forward to hearing more excited voices as kids take to the slopes again next month!” says Stahl Tyler.

To donate to the Brattleboro School Endowment, funds can be sent to their post office box at PO Box 2534, West Brattleboro, 05303.