Jill Stahl Tyler

Eleven Days

Eleven Days  Eleven days. The first eleven days in the month of March. That’s all it took to see some pretty spectacular stuff out of our schools. We started on Friday night, March 1st. It was senior night for the varsity boys’ basketball game.

Parent Lesson #1385

Parent Lesson #1385  I have a confession to make. I suppose it’s not a surprise to anyone, and I imagine that many–or even all–parents can make this same confession. I worry about my children’s grades. Sometimes, too, I worry that their school achievements are a reflection directly back on me, as their mother.

The LAX Hurrah

The LAX Hurrah  We have scheduled all of our summer activities around this event for the past three years. Summer camps. Family drives to the Midwest. Visits with friends. Even work responsibilities. All have been juggled and carefully coordinated so that this all-important pilgrimage can be accomplished. Every family has their “thing”, that activity that …

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