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As the snow begins to cover the ground, children of Brattleboro dream of sliding down slopes with their friends on skis and snowboards. For many children living in difficult circumstances, this is possible only because of the Winter Sports Programs at Brattleboro public elementary schools, and the financial support of the Brattleboro School Endowment.

As a chaperone of the winter sports program, I didn’t realize what learning to ski could do for a child. I hope this short story can illuminate.

As we drove up to the mountain for the first time, I was worried. My minivan was full of 4th grade boys bragging about the size of their jumps and the speed with which they would rocket down the mountain. They had never skied before! And it was my job to keep them safe.

I knew some of these boys: their home lives were hard, they could get frustrated quickly and lash out. I knew their egos were just as likely to get hurt as their bodies. When they first put on those skis, I was sure their confidence would be shattered. They could barely move a few feet without falling. Their bragging stopped as their focus shifted to just trying to get down the bunny-hill.

They would fall, and they would keep getting back up. They worked hard in the lessons provided by the fun-loving instructors at Mt. Snow. And they never let go of their dreams of glory skiing. By the end of the 3rd lesson they had taken the lift all the way to the top of the mountain and skied all the way down – some without falling! Their spirits soared – they had conquered this huge mountain, overcome their fears, and felt they could accomplish anything. I believed they could too. And that’s why I donate, because this magical experience for children in our town needs to continue as do so many other winter sports programs and other enrichment activities for children in Brattleboro, regardless of a child’s ability to pay.

– Rob Szpila, Parent, Chaperone, and Board Member.

What we do:  We are organized as an official 501C3 non-profit, to help fund programs which are outside of the school budgets.  Our particular focus has been the elementary school winter sports programs.  We’re proud to have made small donations for the past four years to support the Winter Sports programs at all three public elementary schools. And we’re proud that we’re able to continue to build our principal in the Endowment at the same time.

Who we are: We are an all-volunteer board. Through our connection to the schools, we understand the needs of local children, and we understand the limits of school budgets and family budgets to provide simple, but life-changing enrichment activities. Through our connection to the community, we facilitate the financial support needed to make those activities possible.

Our goal:  Raise $350,000 total in our endowment.  This would allow us to help fund winter sports, field trips, artists-in-residences… and more, in perpetuity!

By giving to the Endowment, you are making a direct difference in the lives of all public school children in our town.

Please make a donation and know you are making an investment in the children of our town, because you believe in them.

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